What Makes Me a Nudist?

What Makes Me a Nudist?

There are many misconceptions about nudism. Non-nudists (or “textiles”) may think that we are naked all the time, and therefore must live in a nude-friendly place. Some would say you’re a nudist only if you belong to a national and/or local nudist organization. Others might say you’re a nudist simply because you like to be naked.

While none of these definitions are wrong per se, They are all missing what, in my opinion, is the real key to being a nudist. It’s not how often or where you are naked, but rather it’s the way you think about nudity. Nudists see the human body as natural, and see no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed about it. Also, they don’t see nudity as being sexual, all by itself.

Of course, that way of thinking is the opposite of what most of us have had drilled into our heads since a young age. Many are taught that the only time you should be naked in front of another person, is to have sex. Media either portrays nudity as sexual, or as a source of humor and embarrassment.

This is particularly bad in America, and it needs to change. When kids are allowed to watch movies with horrifically violent content, but the sight of a female nipple on television causes an uproar, something has gone terribly wrong. Humans’ natural state is naked, it shouldn’t be a cause of so much fuss.

I have recently decided to be more open about being a nudist. Since the pandemic, there has been increased interest in nudism. I hope that maybe I can get some people to reexamine their own views on nudity, and perhaps be more understanding to those of us who are more comfortable without clothing.

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