Okay, I’m a nudist. Now what?

Okay, I’m a nudist. Now what?

I decided I was a nudist when I was about 12. It would be two decades before I had a chance to experience social nudity. Now I’m 61, and once again, I’m searching for ways to “practice” nudism, other than being naked at home.

I have read everything I can find about nudism and naturism, checked out many resorts online, and in general I’ve become much more open and honest about my beliefs surrounding nudity.

By now, I’m becoming very disappointed and discouraged. Resorts cost money, sometimes a lot. Traveling does as well. I don’t have a fortune to spend just to be able to swim and sun naked. I also am caregiver for my wife, and cannot leave her alone for great lengths of time.

The problem I’m seeing is that while there are many, many people who think that nudity is acceptable, they aren’t all on the same page. Some have no desire to let people know they are nudists, and are content with just being naked at home. Some live near nude beaches or campsites, or have enough money to travel and join resorts. Those people often don’t see the problem, as they are able to enjoy nudity whenever they want. But there are also a lot of us, me included, that would like to see laws and attitudes about nudity changed, so that it might be permitted at local public pools or waterparks, at least at designated times.

I don’t foresee attitudes towards nudity changing that much in my lifetime, but I think it’s the thing we should all be working for. I think it’s the only way to guarantee that everyone that wants access to nude recreation can have it.

So what do we do? We often point to European countries where attitudes are more liberal about nudity. How can we bring that attitude to the U.S.? How can we achieve the oft-stated goal of normalizing nudity?

I don’t have the answers. The more I read from other nudists, the more discouraged I get. I see lots of great advice for wannabe or rookie nudists. But very little agreement on how to make social nudism available to everyone.

So I’ll continue to read and post about nudism. To talk to people about it. To preach about what nudism is, and what it isn’t. But unless I get very lucky, I won’t get to experience it for myself.

If the nudism/naturism movement is going to go any further, I think there needs to be more agreement, and more activism among nudists. Let’s work to give people like me more options, and make them more affordable. Otherwise, a huge chunk of the naturist family will be left out, and rendered invisible as part of the movement. If we could somehow show the country (and the world) how many of us there are, and how important nudism is to us (and why), perhaps attitudes could change a bit more.

I don’t know how to finish this post. Good luck, and maybe let’s all pull together a bit more.

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